The Strike Football program aims to teach kids the fundamentals of football in a fun and educational environment! Our program is dynamic and designed to help players systematically master fundamental skills through an organised and structured training regime while ensuring our players learn to love the world game.

The Strike program is based on structured levels that continuously build on your child’s skills, ability and confidence. Our program caters for all players whether you have just learned the game or looking to improve and take your game to that next level, Strike has a program for you. Our classes start at 18 months to school age footballers.


  • Develop fundamentally skilled players 
  • Increase the football knowledge of players and coaches 
  • Help teach and develop life skills 
  • Create pathways for aspiring players and coaches 


The Strike Football Program consists of structured levels that build on your child’s skills and ability. Our program caters for absolute beginners to competitive players.



18months-3yrs old – 1:10 Ratio (30 Minutes)

This is the introductory class to the infant levels. This level focuses on developing basic balance, coordination and ability to follow directions. This is done through a variety of interactive games that are supported by the students’ guardians.


3-4yrs old – 1:4 Ratio (30 Minutes)

This level builds on students’ basic motor skills. Students will continue to focus on balance and coordination however we will introduce to sharing and working with other students, the coach or guardian. Students will start to perform drills with little assistance from a coach or guardian.


3-4yrs old – 1:6 Ratio (30 Minutes)

This level is for students with a basic understanding of teamwork and sense of achievement working as a team. Students will continue to focus on balance and coordination while completing drills with little to no help from the coach. Students have a basic understanding on how to strike a ball, dribble the ball and stop the ball in a controlled manner.


U8 – 1:6 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This level is for students who are now confident with having control of the ball at their feet. The class will focus on techniques and drills of dribbling passing and shooting with an emphasis on teamwork, learning to play with another player.


U8 – 1:6 ratio (45 Minute Session)

Students at this level will be introduced to advanced ball control. The focus of each class will be on player movement with an emphasis on correct finishing and passing technique.


8+ 1:8 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This level enhances control while in motion and their passing ability. The aim in this level is executing fundamental skills with speed and accuracy through a series of challenging drills whilst also introducing defending positioning and the use of skill moves.


8+ – 1:8 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This class will continue to build on the skills learned as well as focusing on creating space and separation when receiving the ball. Players will continuously work on fundamental skills and the use of skill moves on the move.


10+ – 1:8 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This class primary focus is properly executing all 4 basic fundamentals of football. This level will test the player’s endurance, concentration, and accuracy through a series of drills and competitive games.


10+ 1:8 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This class is for students who have learned the basic skills who wish to continue playing non-competitively with a team. This level will introduce advanced skill and drills with the session focusing more on team concepts. The structure will consist of 70% focusing on Skill Development and 30% teaching in-game concepts.


10+ 1:8 ratio (45 Minute Session)

This class is for students who have learned basic skills and a high level of intensity. This level will focus more on using the skills they have learned and applied them in a competitive game environment. The structure will consist of 60% focusing on skill development and 40% teaching in-game concepts


Selective squad (1.5-hour session)

Strike academy aims to facilitate players who have progressed within the strike program and been identified as an elite player who wishes to continue in a competitive and professional environment. This class will focus more on teaching team gameplay, transitioning defence into attack whilst further developing the player’s technical ability through advanced skills and drills. The Structure will consist of 50% Competitive Skill Development and 50% teaching and developing in-game concepts.