Strike Soccer Camp – October

Strike Football will run Skill Development camps each School Holiday. The camps are for all levels and abilities with an emphasis on skill development in a fun-filled environment.

The camps will break players into different ability and age groups and work on developing fundamental skills as well as technical aspects of Soccer. There will also be elements of fitness, agility, gameplay and technique in kicking.

Camp Dates:

    • Wednesday 2nd October
    • Thursday 3rd October
    • Thursday 10th October
    • Friday 11th October

Cost: $30 / day

Aftercare available between 3pm-6pm for additional $12/day

Please email if you have any more questions. More information about our Strike Football Camp please visit

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Terms and Conditions

Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents/guardians are to accompany children into the centre and sign their children in and out of the holiday football camp between the drop off times of 8:30m-9am and pick up time of 3:00pm.

Aftercare is provided from 3-6pm for an additional $12 per child. There is no discount for this service for multiple children or for current Bluefit Members. Please note that if the child is not booked into aftercare and they are not picked up before 3:30pm then there will be a charge of $12. Participants will not be released or accepted into or from instructors care until the nominated parent/guardian has signed them in and/or out. Please inform instructors when dropping off your child if a different parent/guardian will be picking up the child.

Media Release

Photos or video may be taken of your child during the program for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for photos or video taken of your child, please inform us in writing.

Food & Drink

Children are required to have a water bottle and lunchbox with sufficient food to last all day (please keep in mind that kids are usually very hungry after being active all day).

It is possible to pay for lunch orders; lunch orders are $6.50 and need to be paid for in advance. All lunch orders include a choice of juice, chips and either nuggets, pizza or a pie. We would recommend also packing a few snacks for your child for morning tea/afternoon tea in case they are hungry before lunch time.

During the course of the day children are permitted to purchase food from the café. Instructors will accompany children to the cafe during lunch and after swimming. If you choose to give your child/children money (not compulsory) we would recommend not giving your child more than $20 as Bluefit will not take responsibility for lost money.


Children must bring appropriate clothing to the program. This includes clothes they can run around in and enclosed shoes.

Electronics and Valuables

Please leave electronic devices, toys and other valuable items at home. Bluefit is not responsible if these items are lost, broken or stolen.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will not be provided for missed days.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Bluefit has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and misbehaviour during our programs. If your child behaves inappropriately they will be excluded from the program until they demonstrate that they will cooperate with instructors’ requests. This is to ensure the safety of your child and other children in the program. If your child continues to misbehave we will have to send them home. No refund will be given in this instance.

Free Soccer Camp – January

We have a new soccer program launching in Term 1 2019. To celebrate the launch of the program we’re hosting a free soccer camp for anyone to come down and try out the program! The kids are guaranteed to have a great time while learning lots of new skills and staying fit!

The Strike Football program aims to teach kids the fundamentals of football in a fun and educational environment! Our program is dynamic and designed to help players systematically master fundamental skills through an organised and structured training regimen while ensuring our players learn to love the world game.

Structure of the day:

9am – Kids arrive/ Warm Up
9:30am- Introduction to soccer & skill assessment
10am- Drills & Fitness Training
12pm – Group Lunch Break
1pm- Skills Development
2pm- Team Comp
3pm – Program Ends/Home Time

Limited numbers available


New Camp dates coming soon.

Benefits of playing soccer for kids

Soccer is a hugely popular sport — there are over four billion followers of this sport, which is known as “football” in most of the world.
If you have a budding Ronaldo or David Beckham in your family, you already know that your child gets a good workout. But there are many other benefits of playing soccer!

Kids Who Kick: 5 Benefits of Playing Soccer

The so-called “soccer mom” first got that nickname way back in the 1990s. If you’re considering joining their leagues (if you’ll pardon the pun), you may be wondering if all the driving and practice hours are worth it. Here are five benefits to remember when it feels like you live in that minivan.

1. Soccer Is Excellent Exercise
One of the most obvious benefits of soccer for kids? It is great exercise. Soccer drills, practice, and games give your child an awesome cardiovascular workout. They also help improve flexibility and strength. Leaping up to kick the ball, diving to stop the opponent from scoring, and dashing down the field all make for a physically fit son or daughter.
Soccer and other sports are also a good way to reduce your children’s dependence on tech devices and screen time. One out of every three Internet users is a child under the age of 18 — so any activity that gets them out into the fresh air and moving around is a worthwhile one.

2. Soccer Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
OK, maybe “hand-eye” coordination is a bit misleading. Since only goalies can use their hands in this sport, “knee-eye,” “head-eye,” and “foot-eye” coordination are more apt ways to describe this benefit!
In addition, playing soccer requires a lot of concentration, attention to detail, and focus. Developing these skills will help your child on the field, of course, but also in many other aspects of her life.

3. Soccer Teaches Kids Teamwork and Perseverance
Ever heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”? Well, you’re about to. Teamwork can be one of the most difficult things for a kid to learn if they don’t participate in a team sport.
So what specific benefits of playing soccer does teamwork help with? Working together and coordinating to achieve a particular objective. Building trust with each other, and knowing that they can rely on a teammate to do their part so that the team as a whole can succeed.

4. Soccer Teaches Social Skills — and More
Another vital aspect of playing a team sport is encouraging one another even when the going gets tough. Sometimes it can be difficult for more experienced, or more naturally athletic, players to be on a team with kids who are just starting their soccer career. From this experience, they can learn patience, kindness, and the importance of letting everyone have a turn to shine.
Self-esteem is another of the benefits of playing soccer, particularly for those beginner players. As they improve their skills and receive encouragement from teammates and coaches, they begin to see what a difference perseverance and practice can make.
These are valuable lessons, to be sure, but soccer also provides parents the opportunities to help kids learn about different cultures and countries.
Once your child starts playing soccer, chances are good they will want to watch it as much as possible, too. Since this is a sport with global appeal, your young athlete can learn geography, history, and many other interesting tidbits through the lens of sport.
Encourage this educational aspect by diving deep into the culture of your child’s favorite soccer players. When it’s your turn to bring the team snack, choose something from that cuisine!

5. Soccer Is Fun!
Last but certainly not least, your child will have a blast playing soccer. Physical activity is a fantastic way to work off that extra energy that kids always seem to have. It can also help them channel stress, anger, and other negative emotions that might otherwise not have an outlet.
As a result of playing soccer, your child will make new friends, learn how to get along with kids she might not like, and become more confident and self-assured through gameplay.
She may even enjoy it so much she’ll ask to attend a soccer camp!
What happens when a child tries soccer, but after a few practices, decides that she doesn’t like it? This is an issue that every child — and their parents — will have to wrestle with at some point, whether it is in regards to soccer or another sport, learning an instrument, or any type of extracurricular activity.
Encouraging a child to continue with a sport that she doesn’t excel at can be a tremendous character building opportunity. Over time, she will see her hard work pay off, even if she never becomes truly great at playing soccer. That’s a valuable lesson to learn at a young age.
Of course, if your child seems genuinely upset or stressed out, it might be wise to try something else. Perhaps she is better suited to an individual sport like swimming, or even one of the martial arts, such as karate.

Closing Thoughts
As you can see, the benefits of soccer extend to all areas of life. You will set your child up with a great foundation when you encourage her interest in this fun, popular sport.
Soccer is about so much more than just kicking, passing, and scoring — or than running wind sprints and footwork drills. Rather, it’s a wonderful way to instill values like perseverance, teamwork, empathy, tolerance, and respect.

For information on local soccer classes and camps, click here to learn more!